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Mango-Choco Cookies - Let's go tropical!

Typically this is not the right season to talk about mangoes and personal strong recommendation would be to make this recipe during the mango season. But we are big mango *drooling* lovers and when we found out fresh frozen mango pieces, we couldn't resist to try them out.

So we were wondering what new can we think of mangoes and then our eyes met coconut and chocolate - and we got the idea of going "Tropical"!

We prepared two kinds of recipes - (a) Mango-Choco Chunk Cookies, (b) Mango-Choco Stuffed Cookies. Both require same base dough and here it goes:


  • 85gm Mango Pulp

  • 10gm Coconut oil

  • 10gm White Butter

  • 10gm Brown sugar

  • 10gm Desiccated coconut

  • 50gm Amaranth flour

  • 50gm Wholewheat flour (atta)

  • 1/2 TBSP cornflour

  • 1/4 tsp Baking powder

  • 1/4 tsp Baking soda

  • Few drops of Mango essence (we used coz its not the season for mango, else this is optional)

  • 100gm Dark Chocolate chunks


  • Take coconut oil and white butter in 1:1 ratio. Here we had taken 10gm each. Add 10gm brown sugar and mix them together well.

  • Take a separate bowl and add all the dry ingredients which include amaranth flour, atta, desiccated coconut, cornflour and baking powder-soda and mix them well

  • Add the dry ingredients to the oil-butter mix and add mango pulp in it

  • Add few drops of mango essence (absolutely optional if your mango is perfectly ripe and sweet, then you need not add essence)

  • Mix well to form a smooth dough and keep it to rest for at least 10-15mins

  • Take dark chocolate slab and break them into chunks. We broke them into chunks that were approximately 4g/chunk.

  • (a) Mango-Choco Chunk cookies - we mixed the chunks into the dough and formed balls for baking. Since it is randomly mixed so few chunks would be on top and some inside the ball. (b) Mango-Choco Stuffed cookies - we took 30gm mango dough balls and inserted one 4gm chocolate chunk inside at centre. So the ball will look smooth yellow on outside as the chocolate chunk is inside.

  • Put the tray inside pre-heated oven and bake it at 180deg for 20mins

  • After the baking time gets over, take out the tray and put them on cooling rack. Dust the mango-choco stuffed cookies with cocoa powder to add some color. And boink! your cookies are absolutely ready to go in tummy!

Recommendation: This recipe is best made during mango season as you can get freshest set of fruit.

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