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In the 23rd century, a boy named Jack Tenar is sent to the planet Janus to investigate the fate of his father, a former Starfleet captain. References External links Unofficial Website Category:2000 American novels Category:American science fiction novels Category:Novels by Michael Jan Friedman Category:2000 science fiction novels Category:Del Rey books[Mechanism of action of the nitrogen mustard chlorambucil and its binding to the DNA bases]. Chlorambucil is the methyl-triazene derivative with a clinical efficacy in cancer chemotherapy. The mechanism of action and its biological effect is unknown. We report the X-ray diffraction results on the interaction of chlorambucil with DNA oligomers of different lengths (13, 20, 23, and 27 base pairs). The most effective complexes of chlorambucil with guanine were shown to have the T-like geometry, whereas complexes with adenine and cytosine revealed the more typical O-like geometry. Some type of protein is involved in the binding of the drug with guanine, because no such complexes are formed with the poly(A) sequence. The binding of chlorambucil to DNA may be responsible for the anti-tumor effect and probably can be regarded as the principal mechanism of action of this drug.Q: Как сделать, чтобы при открытии страницы просто создавался пользователь? Нужно сделать так чтобы с помощью получения названия пользователя, и в нем названии пользователя были прописаны варианты из массива, и при �




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Avatar Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download

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